Monday, February 18, 2013

Gavlak Show


Three works of mine are on view at Gavlak Gallery, 249 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, in a group show entitled My Echo, My Shadow. The piece above is called Dolomite Embers and I shipped it here from Italy last autumn.

A pair of smaller pink ones are also on view, this one shown with three glass works by Rob Wynne.

The show features works by Lisa Anne Auerbach, Andrew Brischler, Hugh Bush, Florence Derive, David Haxton, Al Held, McDermott & McGough, Sandeep Mukherjee, Arthur Ou, Jack Pierson, Mary Weatherford, and Jack Whitten.

Gavlak Gallery, owned by Sarah Gavlak, is "a New York gallery that just happens to be in Palm Beach," and it's the coolest art gallery in town. Its enormously attractive owner is currently featured on the cover of Palm Beach Life magazine.

Stop in if you're in town.

Sunday, February 10, 2013



Dinner is the best time of day (at my age, at least).

 These new fake candles don't have to be treated as candles.

 You must never eat the crust!

You must never eat junk.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Sandy Garden


This brand new West Palm Beach house, currently a Red Cross Designers' Showcase, features a garden by the celebrated tropical garden designer, Mario Nievera. I've seen a lot of grasses used in gardens in recent years as it's become quite the rage for properties by or near the sea, but this one includes an element you don't always find with this planting style.

And I'm not talking about the palm trees used so effectively here in a Caribbean scheme, as if they'd spontaneously appeared in the inner yard of this plantation house.

 The interesting element here, to me, is sand.

It took courage to lay out this garden in sand where most often you'd find a pristine green lawn instead. After all, this house isn't on the beach, it's on a road where cars pass and park. My compliments to the talented Mr. Nievera for this intelligent small garden that is water-wise in its creative use of indigenous planting material.

You can appreciate Mario's work in depth through the evocative photographs in this newly published book that features, for the most part, his masterful work here in South Florida.