Sunday, March 3, 2013

Le Pitturnelle


If I've ever posted this before, I don't recall, and I've looked through past posts not finding it. This is Le Pitturnelle, a pair of single family houses that Gil and I built not far from Villa Massei, in Massa Macinaia, where we make our home, eight kilometers from the ancient walled city of Lucca.

The house in the distance was sold a year ago but the one in the foreground is still available. It's a sunny Tuscan lifestyle, an independent three bedroom house that can easily be closed up for the season and yet it has a sizable garden with more than enough space for a swimming pool.

The houses are immersed in the green of a small village where olive groves and vineyards alternate with vegetable gardens and sunny terraces.

We've paid great attention to detail in executing our own design of these country houses that look as though they've been there since the 18th century, but we've held ourselves back on the garden which is ready, rather, to take whatever form the new owner might choose.

The view to the east-southeast is of rolling green hillsides and the gardens of Villa Massei in the distance.

And the interior is up to date, large open spaces for an easy, modern lifestyle.

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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Paul:
Knowing, as we do, the exact location of this house, we cannot pass over this post without saying, as we truly believe, that the situation alone is as near to perfection as it is possible to be. The house itself has so obviously been finished to the highest possible standard that it, and its garden, which could be as much or as little as might be desired, is as near to an idyll as one is likely to find.

Oh for a strong Forint against a weakening Euro!!

Laurent said...

Oh, no, I don't think you should part with it. This was a very pretty litter and I think you should feel entitled to keep a pup for yourselves. Moreover, as you'll remember, even Philip Johnson had a television house, and this could be your chance to indulge that racy medium at a discreet but convenient remove from the Villa.