Monday, February 18, 2013

Gavlak Show


Three works of mine are on view at Gavlak Gallery, 249 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, in a group show entitled My Echo, My Shadow. The piece above is called Dolomite Embers and I shipped it here from Italy last autumn.

A pair of smaller pink ones are also on view, this one shown with three glass works by Rob Wynne.

The show features works by Lisa Anne Auerbach, Andrew Brischler, Hugh Bush, Florence Derive, David Haxton, Al Held, McDermott & McGough, Sandeep Mukherjee, Arthur Ou, Jack Pierson, Mary Weatherford, and Jack Whitten.

Gavlak Gallery, owned by Sarah Gavlak, is "a New York gallery that just happens to be in Palm Beach," and it's the coolest art gallery in town. Its enormously attractive owner is currently featured on the cover of Palm Beach Life magazine.

Stop in if you're in town.


helen tilston said...

Congratulations Paul

My Echo My Shadow is a powerful piece and is a perfect anchor for the surrounding paintings. The pink version I am particularly fond of too and again so beautifully displayed.
Wishing you a very successful exhibition


lindaraxa said...

What fun and what a nice piece. Wish I had stayed longer!

columnist said...

The final picture shows an excellent environment for your pink works, and the mix of the modernity of your pictures and the classical giltwood fauteuils is perfection.

Concrete Jungle said...

How very exciting for you, many congratulations!
Ah, those them!
All the best,


...and a great artist also! Bravo. Great work.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Paul:
Oh, if only we were in town. How we could paint that town pink!!!!

Of course, we feel terribly privileged to have seen many of your works in your studio in Lucca. We hope that you know that we regard you as an artist of great sensitivity and talent.Your work strips everything to its barest essentials and leaves the viewer with his or her thoughts, tantalised and stimulated by the colours, shapes, lines, voids and masses with which he or she is confronted.

The Gavlak Gallery looks to be a wonderful space in which to exhibit art works. 'Dolomite Embers' has been hung in a marvellous composition with other 'echoing' works, making the whole so much more exciting than even the individual pieces.And, the pink painting relates in such a magical way with the glass works beneath. Perfect!

We wish you every success. Your work deserves it!

columnist said...

Can I use your last photo, (with attribution) for a post, please?

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

Col: Please do. By the way, could you resend me your e-mail address, can't find it.