Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Showing Water


We had a drinks party the other evening and I wanted to add flowers to the occasion. At home in Lucca the flowers we cut are almost always from the garden—except for bought tulips in spring—but here in Palm Beach that's not possible. I bought the roses at the supermarket.

And the glass vase is from Pottery Barn. I like fresh flowers to stand in clear water, it gives them an air of freshness, even if they aren't so fresh.

The diptych is mine. The lights are from Restoration Hardware. The banquette, by Hickory Chair, is Bistro by Mariette Himes Gomez.



The Devoted Classicist said...

There's nothing like a handful of flowers, is there?
You've probably found that orchid plants are inexpensive in Florida; give them away - you must not throw them away - when you leave.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Paul:
Elegant, sophisticated and, of course, most stylish. White roses, as shown here, are the perfect addition to your most interesting, beautifully designed and well considered interior. Could there indeed be any other choice?

http://passagetotangier.blogspot.com said...

As always, your post is simple, elegant and beautiful. Your have transformed your apartment into a little jewel of a place. The diptych is soothingly artistic. Love it.

Paisley Curtain said...

Gil and you are very elegant and sophisticated people, what else can we expect from you.

helen tilston said...

Hello Paul

I am intrigued with your triptych. I love the tone values. What is your medium. The roses are a wonderful compliment

Laurent said...

This one I really like although, photographically, you are presenting some "barrel distortion" effects which furnish a rhetoric which is stylish in a different way. The posting is bracingly well written. The title, and the take-away line "... to stand in clear water" are limpid, exquisite.

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

DC: I love orchids and wish i had a tree to store them away on. HATTAT: There are white rose and there are my white roses at home in Lucca, sniff. HT: The medium is gouache on paper, here in gray and yellow, glad you like it! L: Coming from the poet, a very appreciated comment!


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William Donovan said...

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