Sunday, December 30, 2012



An interior is forever a work in progress. The most important touches are those that come as we, its creators, see more deeply into its soul. I've recently added two works on paper of my own, both in blue hues. The upper one, from 2011, is my favorite from a series of Ws and Ms, no longer letters but merely gestures in symmetry. The lower one suggests palm fronds, perhaps right for Palm Beach, but they are not leaves at all and were never intended to be, they are simply the trails of gestures.

The framed photographs are from a 1992 portfolio by Charles Perini. They are studies of Villa Massei, our Italian home, and they show a house that is still mostly untouched by time. The lamp is by David Easton, and the chair is from the 1940s, made to be easily disassembled to transport in military campaigns. The cotton rug is hand made in India. The inclusion of orange, a color I've never particularly favored, is inspired by Terry Kemper.

The Hollywood Regency desk is embellished with carved stone pulls that we found in an antique shop. The wicker stool is from Crate and Barrel. The ottoman is from Hickory Chair.

The white slipper chairs are from Lee Industries.

The rattan chairs are from McGuire. Years ago, in our California days, we were rather friendly with John and Elinor McGuire, a gracious and talented couple. The seat is from Hickory Chair and the woolen rug is Indian. The walls are gray and not at all blue as this photograph would suggest.

The kitchen is a stylized wet bar/coffee bar, but I manage to get a meal or two out of it. The photograph is a portrait of me done at the Chelsea Hotel in New York, where we spent a winter in the early 90s. The light is from Restoration Hardware. The coffee machine is by Illy.

I chose to have a single shelf above and not the commonly used upper cabinets which might have stored the contents of the free standing china cabinet to the right, which I bought online.


Mary Maki Rae said...

Adore the Punches of Pure COLOR-!
(So Exciting - Contrasted with the Black & White)
And how you've handled your Dish Storage Situation-!
Your really quite Masterful-!

Paisley Curtain said...

Your place in Florida is evolving beautifully, it is very peaceful and calm.

A very Happy New Year to you and Gil

helen tilston said...

Happy New Year Paul and Gils

Your art work has set the stage for your home or is your home a tribute to the artwork? (that sounds like one of Beckett's ponderings)


David Cristiani said...

Inspiring use of space and spots of color. You make it look so simple, and even as a designer, I almost believe it!

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Your condo is looking more Palm Beach-y every time you post, and I love the look. The orange and green are very successful accents, and those cool gray walls are the perfect foil.

Happy New Year!

La Dolfina said...

I am loving your new pad!
I am especially taken with the kitchen cabinet with the campaign style hardware.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Laurent said...

The first work in blue reminds me of one which was published at Blue Remembered Hills, and if I'm right, it must be gratifying to contemplate something 'missing' - the way we might favour an acquisition by gift or other means, in fact, of something sui generis by a contemporary of some aesthetic connection. Hence, one can fully understand, the McGuire chairs; and you do know of Leach's development of the extensive correlation between the aesthetically pleasing and the emotionally compatible. In these edits of your environment, some explained and others implicitly sustainable, it advances its escape from the merely elegant. Don't you suppose?


Did the MCQUIRES have an old Victorian in Calistoga in those days?I spent my youth there as we had family friends who owned it and then sold I believe to them!Once again a very small world!