Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Tropical Terrace


No color out here. Only the blue of the sky. No vegetation, no potted plants.

The floor is my paint job. The "Adirondac" chairs, or a contemporary, simplified version of one, are from Target, found on-line by Gil.

 The cushions are from Pottery Barn.

The early morning view of the island of Palm Beach.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Paul:
How this balcony beckons when one is in the chill wind of Budapest!!

What a fabulous paint job you have worked on the floor and the simply styled chairs and their linen covers complement it perfectly. You have 'done' gardens .... beautifully ..... no need here for potted plants. Let the view speak for itself, for surely it speaks volumes!!!!

Carol said...

I love those chairs! I can't wait for Target to come to Canada next year.

Tara Dillard said...

Normally don't do pattern on fabrics outside except a stripe.

This is perfect, especially with your floor.

Finally had the epiphany about why my tiny garden feels large. The SKY.

You've trumped me. Sky & WATER !

Congratulations on your new piece of paradise.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Mark D. Ruffner said...

I like what you've done with the balcony floor — I'll bet it's a very cmplementary extension of the living room.

Paisley Curtain said...

It must be a treat to watch sunsets from the balcony.

Paint on the floor is great, isn't it satisfying to give custom touch here and there by yourself.
Amazing transformation of the apartment.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

PARFAIT!!! Elegant simple and striking. BRAVO!

Laurent said...

ouch, Paul. the floor is very witty, but one honestly yearns for a leaf, poignantly poised on the path. I suppose a guest could bring one in his pocket, though. A daring execution wants a consoling coup de grace.