Monday, November 5, 2012

A Beginning


It was our last day on the beach where we'd been staying with a kind and generous friend who'd helped us through these difficult days of setting up a new life at our winter retreat here in Palm Beach.

And then the moving day came and everything arrived and fit flawlessly into place as if it had all been planned—it HAD all been planned.

These two above views are from the living/ guest area looking into the main living room. The pictures that go under the lights are still with the framer.

We found the Chinese coffee table here in West Palm Beach, just off the famous Dixie Highway.

And the drinks cart is from C. Bell. The photograph, which I bought thirty-five years ago is by Imogen Cunningham—we'd had it in Lucca where it was perhaps under appreciated.

 The kitchen worked out perfectly, if not completely as planned.

But the only big problem is here. In that additional room the sleeper sofa, from Restoration Hardware, was too big to fit into the elevator to bring it up here to the 19th floor. What to do? They're talking about bringing in a crane to hoist it up to our balcony. Will it happen? I'll post.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh the excitement of move in!! It's really coming together and looking great!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Paul:
This surpasses all that we had anticipated, and more besides. We are so very taken with the clean lines, the detailing, the formal arrangement of the furniture in the drawing room which allows for relaxed, informal times, the wonderful looking kitchen, the floor especially, in fact we love it all and think that you must consider it to have been well worth all of the considerable time spent in the planning and the hard work in the execution.

Of course, as you always knew, and we doubted, the green of the chairs is perfect and will work so well when the planned cushions are in place.

Carol said...

It's really swanky! I love your green chairs and your black subway tiles were a bold choice that worked well. Seagrass was a perfect choice for the flooring (if indeed that is what it is).

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love your new space! I have been following you and your blog for sometime and enjoy all of your adventures.

Your winter retreat is spectacular! I love it all! Good luck with the sofa...

Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth

helen tilston said...

Hello Paul

Congratulations on your choices and design. The soothing colours of the walls will reflect the ocean and the green chairs are an exciting choice of colour. I love your own art work and will look forward to seeing it installed.

Enjoy the view and take a day off!!!


Anonymous said...

So chic. So Palm Beach!

Desert Dweller said...

Thanks for sharing this addition to your locales, and it came together in the end. Yes, only through planning (design). And it's inspiring for the next part of my life, as well!

The Devoted Classicist said...

Best wishes for you in your new winter home. I know you will love it.

YONKS said...

Superb, divine taste and a job well done. Now time to sit back and enjoy!

CWoodyard said...

Delicious tropical vegetation green chairs, and delicious the pleasure of being warm for the winter gazing at the sunset over the sea. Beautiful job through out! Cynthia

Daniel James Shigo said...

Spring green chairs. Please send them over if you tire of them (you won't, of course). Salivating in Gotham.

columnist said...

Here they'd have it carried up the stairwell, (and it's over 30 storeys).

The initial endeavours are looking good, and now begins the fun part.

Toby Worthington said...

It's coming together very nicely, and the emerald green
armchairs are a masterful element. But might I suggest
painting out the electrical switch plates on all the walls?
By which I mean, the flat portion that surrounds the
actual switch mechanism. They are too prominent in their current white state. So many lovely rooms are compromised by that overlooked detail, but in this
case and after all your efforts, well....

Parnassus said...

Your apartment turned out very elegant and cool-looking; cool in the sense of not warm and so refreshing in the Florida climate. The green chairs are the perfect touch of color.

I hope that you have many days and years of pleasure in your new winter home.
--Road to Parnassus

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Your apartment is very refreshing and perfect for your Florida sojourns. The votes are in — those green chairs are an inspired touch.

Vittoria Gallacci said...

Just saw the pics of the almost- ready house and it's SO wonderful! I love that thing that you do by creating a symmetric place to stay (I love the two mirrors one in front of the other when you get in the house in Massa Macinaia).
Love it, really love it! Can't wait for more pictures and updates for Palm Beach.


Dean Farris said...

Just beautiful!

Laurent said...

Verde. Que te quiero, verde.

This, I had not seen coming.

But we'll wean you from the Illy, once your feet are on the ground with your local roaster. For transitioning, top marks.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Bravo! very successful indeed! love the green chairs and the vitrine in the kitchen. You do have unbelievably great taste!!! have fun there. What a contrast with Italy...but that's fun also. Like when we go to Tangier. Ying and Yang.