Saturday, June 11, 2011

Porto Cervo


It's the product of a dream and not at all the result of natural occurrences, a gradual accumulation of population and increase in activity. This is a town of tone and luxury, as witnessed by the elegant waiters on their way to work. What happens here, in the homes and shops and restaurants and hotels, bears little resemblance to daily life as most of us know it. This, after all, is Porto Cervo!

The streets are paved, if not with gold then with fine materials most communities can't afford. On the upper floors are residential flats while on the ground floors we find Prada, Hermes and such curiosities as "The Billionaire," the new men's clothing line by Fabio Briatore, of all things!

The harbor is perfect for mid-sized yachts—the big ones go to the Yacht Club one bay further along.

Handsome sailing yachts like this one—this is for me!

And there are the expected sea-view condominiums where the only allowed color is the magenta of bougainvillea.

With views behind you and in front of you, they're worth a high price.

The natural landscape is preserved by decree—no palm trees are permitted, no cypresses that might bring to mind the Italian mainland.

And on this rainy day in June in the town's main square the umbrellas are closed but everything's ready—and so where are all the people? The local newspaper that morning was complaining about the lack of reservations in the Costa Smeralda's famed hotels, wondering if the island as a holiday haven had lost its appeal.

It appealed enough to Gil (in his paper hat).


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

It would all most certainly appeal to us too.

This looks to be the most perfect of Italian hideaway places. And whilst there may be a general dismay at the lack of tourists, how wonderful for you both to have the village almost to yourselves.

Lindaraxa said...

I agree with you, that sailing yacht is a keeper! BTW where ARE the people????

christina @greige and my sparrow said...

Absolutely lovely!

antigonum cajan said...

Impressive post and photos. You are one in a million. The black and white footer is also remarkable, even though high maintenance gardens are not allowed in my book/installation.