Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bedroom Bis

In the mid-nineteenth century furniture in Europe took on that charming bourgeois style, lending a bit of fantasia to the neoclassical. It's thought that these armchairs are from Piemonte in the north of Italy—I have four of them in my bedroom here in Massa Macinaia.

I bought this clock (19th century English) at an auction here in Lucca more than twenty years ago. It's of painted bronze; a basket of flowers in filigree is the motif. The pair of candlesticks, adapted to electric lights, are early 19th century, in the style of Egyptian columns like those of Obo.

And on the wall is this French photograph from the late 1800s: Egypt, a few boys gather by an old city wall while reflected in the background are my gilded bronze columns of Obo, shown above.

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