Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flowers Now

As flower shops go this is genuinely new, Gartenbau Lederleitner at the Romische Markethalle in Vienna. This vaulted, vast underground space in the center of the old city attracts people in droves with its suggestions for living with flowers acted out for you in endless variation and creativity.

And garden furniture too, and pots and accessories—I was amused by these "plant stands" near the main entry.

In autumn it's time to think of uses for gourds and pods of all sorts that grow in our gardens and meadows; their natural vibrant colors work to great effect here in a backdrop of grays and blacks.

Black gardens are not unheard of and daring gardeners inventing new perspectives have been playing with the concept for years, but I especially like these black reeds in dark gray planters on a black and white floor.

Boots on tables—our mothers would never have approved!

Wreathes in Austria are not limited to Christmastime; perhaps these blue ribboned ones (bluish) await the birth of a boy in the family.

And these are just a few of the enormous variety of cut flowers waiting for our evening's hostesses—it's compose your own, but here, how can you go wrong?

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