Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Montuolo

The Persys are away and so their terrace furniture is covered and their umbrellas are wrapped, but here are the "Twin Terraces", one for dining and one for relaxing before or after a meal. Prior to this there were very few options here for outdoor living.

Late Summer in Montuolo

I made this fountain for the Persy family of Rotterdam and Lucca. It's inspired by the sort of ground-level water feature you might see in Islamic gardens, or in the old gardens of Spain. In the center is a carved stone funnel out of which the water bubbles just enough to keep the surface moving in ripples. The jar in back is Florentine, and from the 18th century. All around, I've planed Mediterranean plants with box balls and iceberg roses. This is how it looks in the first late summer of its life.